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Face Lifting with now is more easy and more efficient  Uni-L+Combi+Multi Combination Method is more upgraded method than contour thread lift that was introduced in American congress of plastic surgery.


JALOR is a DYNAMIC SAFE FILLER; which designed in order to support the tissue when it is moving. It is produced specifically to reduce the problems which occurs with the gestures. JALOR shoes allot of differences compared to traditional fillers.


Elastic Plastic Surgery revolution plastic and aesthetic surgery. Traction is no longer maintained over time by patient’s tissue following extensive dissection; this function is carried out by an impalpable elastic thread (ELASTICUM) which does not cut into tissue and which transformed into a natural ligament.


Biofibre hair is made with safe approved material for medical use. It is biocmpatible and well tolerated by skin tissue. Biofibre is a long lasting procedure with excellent strength and significant satisfying results.


Our latest developed Thread lifting range from different polymers of PDO, PLA(CL) and PLLA. 

More than 1000+ Model spicifically developed for every part of your patient face and body, giving the best thread for the best results.


The latest combination of mesotherapy with all approved effective ingredients. All your need in one combination. The hair and skin mesotherapy range supplied with Dermaroller, DermaPen and Dermapen needles needed for application.