Biofibre ®  Hair Implant System

Medicap® products are classified as Medical Devices with  CE 0373 Certificate and are used for the correction or as a remedy of male and female alopecia (baldness). The Aesthetic Result is natural and immediate, with no downtime for the patient.
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Biofibre hair: the solution for your alopecia

  • Hair is made with approved material for medical use.

  • Hair is biocompatible and well tolerated by the skin.

  • Hair is made with inert materials and produces a keratin plug protecting the implant from microbial agents.

  • Hair is resistant to tensile and flexural stress and ensures a long-lasting aesthetic effect.

  • Hair has a special reversible knot, which ensures an excellent strength without leaving any scars.

  • Hair is thin, soft and flexible, for low invasiveness and quick healing of the scalp.

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